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Thinking behind the training plan

Call Out for collaboration

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Scope specific sessions

As the framework and the last few reports have shown the communications aspects of our work has had and continues to have large effects on the perception of partner countries, power dynamics, and development objectives. We hope to create programming that will explore the space that comms can take up as a tool for change in bringing anti-racist principles to our sector, challenging built narratives, creating intentional practices, etc.
July 25th, 2023
Human Resources
Often regarded as a safe space in the workplace human resource departments have a huge part to play in supporting and protecting staff, creating inclusive workplace structures and cultures, and building supportive foundations for equitable practices. We hope to push the sector to build better and more equitable internal policies and structures. How to address the often inherently oppressive nature of the workplace? How to build intentional space for the most marginalized to be included, autonomous, valued and respected members of the workplace. Exploring the question of who gets protected and why?
October 16th, 2023
What needs assessments have consistently shown is that this works sustainability needs to be properly resourced. However, because equity is not often viewed as a component of financial literacy there is no toolset to know how and where to see equity as a part of an organization's financial commitment and good practices. We hope to create a space to explore what the missing links may be in embedding equity in how we budget. How to resource and prioritize the necessary steps for anti-racist change in our organizations. We also hope to explore how seeking funding can have problematic implications.
September 26th, 2023
There are plenty of ways that organizations communicate their values and ideals. It’s why finding ways to integrate anti-racist principles into how we do and think about our programming methodologies is crucial to good outcomes and safe engagement. We hope to engage the sector in pushing past current narratives and building innovative and equitable programming. How to allow anti-racist principles to permeate all that we do, how we structure our training plans, resource provision, partnerships, our engagement, who speaks on issues, how and what knowledge is shared etc.
August 15th, 2023
CEO, Leadership & Board
As those guiding the sector and shaping our work it is dire that the decision makers have equity focused mindsets to create safe working environments, organizational objectives, partnerships, and fail-safes. Building equitable futures calls us to rethink power dynamics and positionally leaders will be pushed to ask themselves some tough questions. We hope to challenge the ways traditional power structures limit equitable, and anti-racist change. How to create more inclusive workspaces the prioritize making space for everyone in intentional and meaningful ways.
November 30th, 2023
Humanitarian Organizations
An incredibly important aspect of how we co-exist as nations is how we show up in times of crisis. However, what can’t be ignored is the complexities and histories of the who, how, when, and why countries show and the effects that it has on local communities. We hope to push the sector on questioning how do push our understanding of human rights out of the global north and create intentional systems to address emergency needs based on each context and away from exploitative norms? How we challenge power dynamics inherent to humanitarian emergency intervention.
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Sector wide sessions

Thinking Past the Terminology: ARC as a Personal Journey
As an intro session to our training plan this is a 102 of traditional AR/AO trainings that aims to push our thinking further then the terms and theories and into the practical and the personal. This session will be set on creating individual understandings of AR/AO, an honest look at our personal capacities for change, and how we use these pieces to continue to grow our practice as members of our workplace communities.
June 8th, 2023
Culturally Competent Engagement
The nature of our sector is to engage in power dynamics often without cultural competency or care and historically that has had devastating effects. In the age of localization and more organization wanting to meaningful good, rewrite narratives, and re-think these power dynamics what it means to and how do we engage with communities centered around respect and care. How do we remain malleable to the complexities of navigating the effects of deep colonial trauma and how do we build sustainable structures that benefit first and foremost the most marginalized.
September 12h, 2023
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Q: How does the call out work?

A: We will be holding an open call out as well as doing some targeted outreach. The call outs for each session are currently open and will close a month before each session; the closing will be announced on our social media and on our website. At that time we will reach out to all those who have shown interest and set up an initial meeting to discuss next steps. If no collaborators are found we decide how to move forward internally at the ARC Hub and communicated.

Q: Who are you looking to collaborate with?

A: We are looking to collaborate with a diversity of stakeholders. We are really interested in validating that knowledge surrounding anti-racist and intersectional feminist principles and practice exist at all levels throughout our organizations. Even those looking to deepen their knowledge are invited into this process. We are not only interested in working with experts we are looking to work with all those interested in moving this work forward.

Q: What are you looking to build through collaboration?

A:  We are looking to create sessions, may they be workshops or trainings,  throughout the training plan that reflect the needs of the sector. We are truly trying to engage in the conversations and build from our sector as a resource that allows us to push this work further. Examples may look like a workshop that invites members of the sector to come together to work on a communications project or a training session on anti-racist policy writing led by an organization that may have recently gone through a process of learning.

Q: How many organizations can work together on a session?

A: If we end up with more than one organization showing interest in collaboration we will be organizing an initial meeting to collectively decide how to move forward based on capacity and interest. We don’t currently have a limit on collaboration.