Latest Past Events

BHM Wrap up Event: Live conversation between ARC Hub co-chairs!


While February is a month of intentional reflection on the past and present effects of anti-Black racism and violence it is an important opportunity to uplift the diverse and unique voices of Black folks in our work. This commitment goes beyond the 28 days of the month and must be an integral part of our work […]

Blackness: A Celebration

Event description: Amplifying the voices of 7 incredible Black women who are taking up space in their own right, Blackness: A Celebration is an evening of virtual storytelling seeking to do just that, celebrate who we are, honour where we've been and reflect on where we need to get to. As a show of appreciation […]

Community Gathering: BHM


The gatherings hosted by the ARC Hub during Black History Month will serve as closed safe(r) spaces for Black folks across our sector.