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The Anti-Racist Cooperation (ARC) Hub is a dedicated coordination secretariat and a resource center for the sector: the ARC Hub is hosted by Cooperation Canada and funded by Global Affairs Canada. Our goal is to help Canadian international development and humanitarian organizations improve their ability integrate anti-racism and intersectional feminism into their work in the creation of resources, knowledge sharing spaces, networks of support and trainings.   


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We are launching the ARC Hub incubator!

This incubator, managed by the ARC Hub, will fund and accompany small scale sector specific initiatives on anti-racism. We are looking for concrete ideas on advancing racial justice in Canadian international cooperation, particularly initiatives led by those most impacted by racism (Black, Indigenous and racialised people, especially women and gender-diverse people).

Applications for the initiatives are open from February 19th to March 15th!

The ARC Hub team will be supporting and accompanying the work of dedicated organizations in innovative applications of anti-racist and intersectional feminist principles in our work.
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ARC Hub open office hours

Once or twice a month we will welcome organizations from across the Canadian international cooperation sector that need support on issues related to our work on anti-racism and intersectional feminism. Stay turned for the next slot!

 For organizations that need more focused support in a closed space, you can now request a 1on1 meeting!

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The recordings and materials of our events are available in our Resource Library!
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People Centered
Building community will be the root of our success in anti-racism in the sector. The ARC Hub will bring together organizations, colleagues, partners, vendors, and volunteers, specifically including the experiences of people affected by what is often a lack of anti-racist thought and principles.
The work of the ARC Hub will remain flexible, responding to the needs of the international cooperation sector. In Annual reports on sector progress will inform robust and malleable processes and tools to support our collective growth. This feedback loop allows us to collect and analyze data against established benchmarks. This will be fundamental to making sure our work is up to date, responsive and we are consciously informing the sector and improving our ability to grow the impact of the ARC Hub
We aim to do our work in collaboration with the sector. Within the ARC Hub, we know that people are our most significant resource – in the sector and beyond. We are excited to explore how we can learn from and resource each other to build a better sector.
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Anti-racism Framework

The Anti-racism Framework is a starting point for Canada’s international cooperation sector to inform its approach to anti-racism in a collective and proactive way, one that leaves room for collaboration, knowledge sharing and continuous learning. The Framework should not be considered an achievement but an inclusive springboard for future anti-racism efforts.

2021 Annual Report

The "Collective Commitment: Emergin Anti-Racist Practice for Canadian International Cooperation" acts as the inaugural baseline report to assess the extent of anti-racism efforts in Canada’s international cooperation sector and build collaborative and evidence-based strategies to promote human rights, achieve equitable outcomes and address the sector’s legacy of racial bias.

2022 Annual Report

This 2022 annual progress report Collective Commitment: Sustaining Efforts Towards Anti-Racist Change in Canada’s International Cooperation Sector follows up on the 2021 report in an effort to encourage progress and maintain accountability for sector commitments towards dismantling racism in Canada’s work in international cooperation. There was an increase of 11 organizations signing onto the Framework.

2023 Annual Report

The 2023 Collective Commitment Report serves as a check-in, tracking the progress made by signatory organizations to advance ARC commitments and implement recommendations towards equitable transformation. This year, the report represents the findings from the abbreviated short-form survey. The survey is divided into five sections, consisting of 17 distinct questions and one follow-up question.