Past trainings

ARC training - Understanding Anti-Racism as Framework

Whether you’re just starting out or seeking to dive deeper into how anti-racism can be understood and used as a framework, this workshop helps further your understanding  with guided reflections and ample space for questions.

The recording and presentation can be used a starting point to build your toolkit and embrace anti-racism as a powerful framework for change!

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ARC training – Anti-racist Terminology and Concepts

This training was created and used as the first part of a 3 part training series for Kentro titled “Understanding anti-racism in the context of Christian international cooperation organizations”.

The recording and material can be used by the broader international cooperation sector as a refresher on anti-racist terminology and concepts.

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Anti-Racism in the Humanitarian sector: Decolonizing aid and building an antiracist perspective in the sector

An incredibly important aspect of how we co-exist as nations is how we show up in times of crisis. However, what can’t be ignored is the complexities and histories of the who, how, when, and why countries show up and the effects that it has on local communities.  Together with Peace Direct, we drawn on the work they’ve done to practically explore decolonization and transformation of the humanitarian, peacebuilding and development sector as a path to improved development outcomes. 

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ARC Hub Presents: Building Anti-Racist Organizations – A presentation for CEOs and EDs

Building equitable futures calls us to rethink power dynamics and positionally leaders will be pushed to ask themselves some tough questions.

Through this training, we hope to challenge the ways traditional power structures limit equitable, and anti-racist change. How to create more inclusive workspaces the prioritize making space for everyone in intentional and meaningful ways.

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ARC HR Training: Building Strong Teams – Going from diverse to inclusive

This HR training explores how we build antiracist organizations. Through guided collective reflecting and questioning we explored the principles and practices that can help us build an anti-racist sector through healthy, inclusive and supported teams. 

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ARC training – Cultural Competent Engagement

The nature of our sector is to engage in power dynamics often without cultural competency or care and historically that has had devastating effects. In the age of localization and more organization wanting to meaningful good, rewrite narratives, and re-think these power dynamics what it means to and how do we engage with communities centered around respect and care. How do we remain malleable to the complexities of navigating the effects of deep colonial trauma and how do we build sustainable structures that benefit first and foremost the most marginalized.

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ARC x VIDEA Training Session: Program & Programming

There are plenty of ways that organizations communicate their values and ideals. It’s why finding ways to integrate anti-racist principles into how we do and think about our programming methodologies is crucial to good outcomes and safe engagement. We hope to engage the sector in pushing past current narratives and building innovative and equitable programming. How to allow anti-racist principles to permeate all that we do, how we structure our training plans, resource provision, partnerships, our engagement, who speaks on issues, how and what knowledge is shared etc.

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ARC Communication Training

As the framework and the last few reports have shown the communications aspects of our work has had and continues to have large effects on the perception of partner countries, power dynamics, and development objectives. This online session will explore the space that communication can take up as a tool for change in bringing anti-racist principles to our sector, challenging built narratives, creating intentional practices, etc.

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Thinking Past Anti-Racism Terminology: ARC as a Personal Journey

Traditional anti-racism/anti-oppression training lays a foundation of terms and theories. In this session, you’ll move beyond the theoretical into the practical by taking an honest look at your personal capacity for change, and how you can use that to grow as a member of your workplace community.

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BHM programming

Past Knowledge Sharing Events

Book Launch: White Saviorism

We had the pleasure of co-sponsoring the Book Launch for “White Saviorism in International Development – Theories, practices and lived experiences” on May 16, 2023.

We now invite you to read the book and take a deeper dive into “theoretical chapters, testimonies, stories and lived experiences from 19 contributors from across the Global South”